New Look launches augmented reality marketing campaign

Virtual Fashion Show Video

Augmented reality campaign aims to connect with tech-savvy fashion lovers

Augmented reality and fashion have grown closer together in recent months. The technology has enabled designers to show off their creations in a new way. It has also enabled consumers to take part in digital fashion shows and try on virtual clothing. New Look, a leading fashion brand in the United Kingdom, has launched a new advertising campaign that seeks to leverage the interactive power of augmented reality. The brand believes that the campaign will be a hit with consumers who have shown growing interest in augmented reality.

Aurasma tapped to build AR campaign

The company has teamed with Aurasma, a leading augmented reality platform, to bring the advertising campaign to life. The campaign will promote the brand’s shoes, jeans, and women’s clothing lines. New Look will also roll out a new magazines – aptly named the New Look Minizine – which will showcase the brand’s summer fashions, such as swimwear and other seasonal clothing. Consumers will be able to find augmented reality experiences embedded in posters and at bus stops throughout the UK.

New Look no stranger to augmented reality

This is the fourth augmented reality campaign from New Look. The company believes that augmented reality technology is an ideal way to reach out to the fashion community in the UK. This community has proven to be quite enamored with technology and has responded well to mobile marketing campaigns in the past. Consumers will be able to experience the company’s augmented reality experience by using the Aurasma mobile application, which is available for nearly every smart phone.

Fashion and augmented reality growing closer together

Augmented reality and fashion are becoming more synonymous as companies like New Look make use of the technology. Thus far, augmented reality has seen the most use in the entertainment industry. The technology has recently gained traction in the marketing industry, which has drawn acclaim for its interactivity. New Look expects that its latest augmented reality marketing campaign find success with tech-savvy fashion lovers.

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