New baby monitor wearables help parents remotely track their child’s wellbeing

Baby monitor wearables - Baby Sleeping

Bluebell has developed a smart monitor that includes devices for both baby and parent.

British start-up Bluebell has teamed up with design agency Tangerine to develop baby monitor wearables that consists of a wearable baby monitor device attached to the baby’s clothing, which sends alerts to parents through a wearable wristband and app.

The system has been designed to help make baby monitoring more efficient and easier for parents.

The baby monitor wearables allow parents to remotely monitor their baby’s activity and wellbeing, alerting them to any change that might require their attention. The system has also been designed to help parent’s improve their baby’s routines and sleeping patterns.

The baby monitor attaches to the baby’s clothing and measure’s the child’s breathing rate, temperature, position, activity and amount of sleep. This information is then communicated to parents through the wristband and mobile app.

Tangerine created hardware and software for the device that makes the system both intuitive and simple to use. Icons, vibrations and colors provide alerts and updates on how the baby is feeling.

The baby monitor wearables system also includes a Smart Hub.

In addition to the two wearable devices and the app, the system also includes a Smart Hub. This hub can be used to charge the wearable gadgets. It can also monitor the room’s temperature and remotely play lullabies or white nose. Additionally it has a nightlight as well as a microphone and speaker to allow parents to listen or talk to their baby.

“Over time the Bluebell system builds a unique picture of baby’s history as well as the parent’s wellbeing, which can be reviewed on the Bluebell App,” Tangerine said, reports Dezeen.

“It is the only wearable system that monitors two related subjects – baby and parent – with joint analysis and interpretation data to understand how family wellbeing and routine can be improved.”

Baby monitor wearables - Baby SleepingBluebell’s baby monitor wearable system was the idea of its three co-founders, all of whom are healthcare professionals and fathers.

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