New augmented reality system developed by Fujitsu Laboratories

Augmented reality

Augmented realityAugmented reality system could turn nearly any surface into an interactive interface

Fujitsu Laboratories, a leading technology firm, has developed what it calls a next generation user interface using augmented reality. The system developed by Fujitsu is designed to accurately detect the hand gestures of a user, tracking finger movements with acute precision. Fujitsu claims that the system is capable of creating a highly-interactive touchscreen-like interface on nearly any surface in the real world. This is accomplished through the use of augmented reality technology.

Augmented reality begins breaking away from the mobile space

Augmented reality has, for the most part, been restricted to mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. Over the past two years, augmented reality has been expanding beyond the boundaries of the mobile world. This is especially evident in the retail industry, where the technology is being put to use in virtual dressing rooms, allowing consumers to try on digital representations of clothing. While augmented reality has begun breaking away from the mobile space, it still remains tethered to mobile devices, a fact that Fujitsu believes limits the technology’s true capabilities.

System’s capabilities demonstrated

Fujitsu has been demonstrating its new augmented reality system and how it can be used. A short video shows the system at work with various pieces of paper, scanning books, maps, and other printed materials. The system responds to simple movements of the finger, allowing a user to highlight particular regions of text or highlight a region on a map. The system is not designed only for paper, of course, as it can project a digital interface on nearly any surface.

AR system could be used for much more than business

Fujitsu Laboratories notes that the system could provide major benefits to businesses of various types, but the system itself will not be restricted to the business world. The company suggests that this augmented reality system could have several uses in the world of gaming and entertainment. It may also help people browse the Internet in a new, more dynamic way.

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