Visualitee introduces new augmented reality apparel

Augmented Reality T-shirts

Augmented reality apparel growing in popularity

Augmented reality apparel is becoming more of a reality as the technology becomes more common. Visualitee, a purveyor of augmented reality apparel, has announced the launch of a new line of high-tech t-shirts for tech-savvy consumers. Every shirt associated with the company’s new line contains an augmented reality experience, which can be unlocked using a smart phone equipped with an augmented reality application. The t-shirts are backed by augmented reality technology from Zappar.

Technology and clothing continue to blend together

Augmented reality technology has been seen in the fashion industry recently, but has only been used in rare circumstances. The technology is often considered to be a novelty, thus inhabiting a niche in the clothing market amongst those most interested in its capabilities. Indeed, amongst tech-savvy consumers, the concept of interactive clothing has become very popular. Despite this popularity, however, augmented reality apparel is expected to remain in a realm of novelty for some time.

T-shirts unlock engaging digital experiences

Each of the t-shirts hosts an image or designed emblazoned on its front. These images and designs contain an augmented reality experience. When these experiences are triggered using a smart phone or other mobile device, they provide the viewer with content specifically developed for that particular t-shirt. Some of the t-shirts contain short, interactive game that can be played using a smart phone, while others contain simple digital animations. There is a possibility that new digital content will be introduced in future t-shirts from Visualitee.

Augmented reality apparel may become widely popular, eventually

Augmented reality apparel has yet to catch on with mainstream consumers, but the combination of the technology with clothing is still in its infancy. Visualitee expects that augmented reality apparel will, eventually, become a staple amongst consumers that enjoy showing off digital content to their friends and families. The augmented reality shirts range between $10 and $20, making them an affordable product for consumers interested in high-tech clothing.


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