New augmented reality app to provide ‘David Bowie Is’ exhibition experience

Augmented Reality App Experience - David Bowie

The application will become available to both Android and iOS device users in January 2019.

The “David Bowie Is” exhibition from the David Bowie museum is coming soon to an augmented reality app. It is slated to be launched on January 8, 2019 for both Android device users and those using Apple products.

The launch date is significant as it would have been the musician and performer’s 72nd birthday.

The new augmented reality app will make it possible for Bowie fans to explore the hundreds of different videos, costumes, original artwork and even handwritten lyrics on display in the exhibit. Furthermore, it will also provide users with access to dozens of different items that weren’t even available within the original exhibit. Some among them will be exclusive to the app and cannot be viewed elsewhere.

The exhibit’s augmented reality version is said to be a first of its kind experience. Every object is available to users in full 360 degree detail. In this way, fans will be able to obtain the full experience of having viewed each object in person. Furthermore, the mobile app will also feature an “immersive audio experience featuring Bowie’s music and narration,” reported Rolling Stone magazine.

Planeta, a studio from New York, is designing the augmented reality mobile app for the Bowie experience.

Planeta is collaborating with Sony Music Entertainment as well as the David Bowie Archive. Moreover, the company also has a more immersive virtual reality version of the experience in the works. The V.R. “David Bowie Is” app’s launch date will be after the augmented reality version. That said, a specific date has not yet been released.

The “David Bowie Is” exhibit got started at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, back in 2013. Since that time, it has traveled around the globe, having finally made its way to New York City at the Brooklyn Museum last summer.

Rob Sheffield from Rolling Stone reviewed his experience at the exhibit at the time, saying that: “There’s something fitting about presenting Bowie’s life story as a vault full of artifacts, since he was an artist who always defined himself Augmented Reality App Experience - David Bowieas a fan first and foremost.”

The augmented reality app developers hope that this same experience will translate through digital channels for Bowie fans.

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