New app to help renters with QR Code scanning

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It can be difficult to find apartments in a big city. It can be even more difficult to find an affordable one. As mobile technology progresses and becomes increasingly embedded into people’s lives, new methods for apartment hunting are cropping up. Habitat Hunters, a real estate service provider for Austin, Texas, has long aided apartment seekers in their efforts. Now, they are adopting QR codes to better serve a new generation of clients that can’t seem to put their phones down.

Habitat Hunters was the first real estate and apartment locator service to provide a searchable database of properties. While content with the service they offer, the rising popularity of QR codes has not gone unnoticed.

“In the last 6 years, our clientele has grown to expect a more personal experience when shopping for apartments,” says Jody Lockshin, president of Habitat Hunters. She cites this as a result of a younger generation’s integration with social networks. Essentially, they are never away from their friends so long as they have access to their phones. Lockshin thinks they should never have to be separated from her company’s service either.

The company will begin using QR codes in all their marketing materials. Scanning the code will take apartment hunters to a mobile website, from which they can browse for properties befitting their preferences. While the codes will become a prominent method used to engage consumers, Lockshin holds that it will only act as a way to get more involved with customers.

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