New app for iPhone tracks employee hours by using QR codes

QR Code Video

An iPhone app has provided a new tool based on QR code technology that allows the TimeStation system to offer companies a new high tech way to track the hours of their workers while they’re on the job.

The concept of the TimeStation was that if QR codes can help with other tracking processes, such as in helping with the tracking of the mail, then it can be used for other purposes such as monitoring the attendance of employees, too. The system functions by combining an iPhone app with ID cards embossed with the two dimensional barcodes so that the hours of the employees can be more effectively tracked.

In order to take part in the free service, employers must register for it. They can then print out an ID card for each worker. Every card has its own unique QR code printed on it. One of the employer’s iOS devices is then used to download the TimeStation app, and that device is kept in the office and made available to the employees.

Workers use their ID cards with the iOS device, which scans the code instantaneously. Alternately, they can use a 4-digit PIN instead of the barcode scan.

The TimeStation app and service are the product of App Impulse, which is a company based in New Jersey. It is available for free for users of iPad, iPod touch, and iPhone devices that run on the iOS version 4.0 or later. Once the system has been set up by an employer, it is able to provide reports in real-time, showing who is present, and that shows time and attendance records.

Moreover, no servers are required to update or maintain the system or software, as it is run in the cloud.

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