Nellymoser implements massive mobile marketing campaign using many technologies

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Mobile Commerce News

Strategies use QR codes, NFC, digital watermarks, and augmented reality in Q1 2012.

Massachusetts- based Nellymoser, a technology and marketing company, has cemented its position as leader in the mobile-activated print sector by producing a number of high-profile campaigns within the first three months of the year.

Beyond its popular QR code campaigns, it has also used many other techniques for groundbreaking use of mobile technology in publications such as Brides Magazine, Sports Illustrated NCAA Basketball Tournament Preview Issue, and Wired Magazine.

Some of the highlights from the various Nellymoser mobile campaigns from the start of 2012 include:

• The first large augmented reality (AR) marketing campaign designed for smartphones – this was used in Sports Illustrated in an issue that it created for American readers that was specifically created to be complemented by the use of cell phones. Its foldout cover could be used with a free AR app to have it “come to life” with six different videos that launched in augmented reality from six images printed there.


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• The biggest digital watermark campaign in a magazine within the top 100 in the United States – Brides Magazine had an issue that included over 30 digital watermarks as a part of a large mobile campaign. This is the largest number ever to occur in a single American magazine publication. Its various mobile experiences included a number of different kinds of optimized content, such as videos and sweepstakes.

• The first large near field communications (NFC) print-to mobile campaign – Wired Magazine had the first major print campaign that used NFC in order to activate its mobile features. Within its pages, the ad for the 2012 Lexus GS was embedded with an NFC chip that allowed Android phones that were compatible with this technology to launch an interactive mobile video experience.

The CEO and founder of Nellymoser, Inc., John Puterbaugh, explained that “2012 is shaping up to be the year that next generation mobile technology such as NFC, augmented reality, and image recognition is being deployed on a large scale by major brands and publishers.” He added that the company’s clients are currently taking mobile marketing campaigns further than ever before.


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