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Augmented reality begins to play a larger role in the marketing industry

Augmented reality marketing is beginning to grow in popularity as more advertisers see the benefits of using the technology. Augmented reality is capable of providing consumers with an engaging experience that few have experienced before. As mobile marketing begins to incorporate more of augmented reality, advertisers are beginning to call for tools to make their adoption of the technology easier. MoZeus Worldwide, a developer of mobile marketing programs that make use of interactive technologies, has announced the release of a new augmented reality marketing system dubbed SMART Activator.

Marketing platform allows advertisers to create interactive experiences

The SMART Activator includes a variety of applications that will assist advertisers in constructing augmented reality marketing campaigns. These applications can be used to fashion 2D and 3D images that are fully interactive. Consumers will have the ability to activate these experiences through their smart phones and other mobile devices using augmented reality browsing applications. MoZeus Worldwide has included an “instant win” gaming feature to the SMART Activator, which it believes will be a big hit with both consumers and advertisers.


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SMART Activator instant win games may be a big hit

Instant win games are somewhat common in the world of marketing and have been gaining more traction with advertisers in the advent of mobile marketing. In the case of the SMART Activator, consumers can initiative an augmented reality experience with their mobile device and a small, unobtrusive pop-up window will inform them whether they are an “instant winner.” Consumers can then follow instructions provided to them to claim their prizes. MoZeus Worldwide notes that this feature may make the SMART Activator a powerful tool in the burgeoning scene of augmented reality marketing.

Marketing and augmented reality to continue blending

Augmented reality has a myriad of uses and has proven quite powerful as an interactive medium. In marketing, the technology has rarely been used. As more consumers become familiar with augmented reality, however, advertisers are beginning to see its merits as an engagement tool. Augmented reality marketing is expected to continue growing in influence in the coming years.

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