MoPowered introduces mobile commerce solution for small retailers


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Company aims to make mobile commerce more attractive to SME retailers

MoPowered, a leading mobile commerce solutions provides, believes that it has found a solution to the low adoption of mobile commerce and NFC technology seen amongst small market enterprise retailers. These retailers have shown interest in mobile commerce, but the majority of them have been unwilling to adopt the technology necessary to make mobile commerce a large part of their business operations. MoPowered has developed a new model that could help these retailers become more accommodating of the concept of mobile commerce.

Pay Per Performance model may be a boon for some companies

The model, dubbed Pay Per Performance (PPP), will enable to adopt mobile commerce systems with no upfront costs.  Retailers will instead provide MoPowered with a percentage of the transactions made through these mobile commerce systems. The PPP system is designed to placate the concerns of retailers and enable them to meet demand from consumers concerning their ability to make mobile payments for goods and services.


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Mobile commerce not likely to lose momentum in the retail industry

Mobile commerce is becoming a powerful trend in the retail industry. Large retailers have embraced mobile commerce readily, believing it to be the next step in the evolution of finance. Smaller retailers have shown concerns regarding the technology involved with mobile commerce. NFC-enabled terminals and other systems making use of the technology have been widely criticized due to their cost. Some retailers believe that investing in mobile commerce systems would be a misstep if these systems turned out to not be as popular with consumers as they had hoped.

PPP system could help small retailers embrace mobile commerce

MoPowered believes that its PPP system will help win over small retailers to the concept of mobile commerce by removing the upfront investment required to facilitate mobile transactions. The company notes that the amount of business that retailers are seeing through mobile channels is growing. Thus, companies must start taking this trend into consideration when tailoring their services to a new generation of consumer.

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