Monitise and IBM team to bring new mobile commerce services to Europe

mobile commerce services

Mobile commerce services coming to Visa Europe

Monitise, a mobile commerce firm, has teamed with IBM to provide new services to member banks of Visa Europe. Together, the two companies will work to promote mobile commerce services that are linked to cloud computing technologies from IBM. Introducing cloud computing to mobile commerce is not a new idea, but very few companies have managed to accomplish this feat successfully. Cloud computing could help bring a new level of security to mobile commerce that may make consumers more comfortable with purchasing products from their mobile devices.

Monitise aims to make mobile payments more available to all consumers

The partnership with IBM is part of Monitise’s Bank Anywhere, Pay Anyone, and Buy Anything initiative. This initiative aims to make mobile commerce available to any form of mobile device, thereby allowing a wider range of consumers to make mobile payments. The company’s services are already being put to use by Visa Europe and have provided a strong foundation for the financial service firm’s mobile commerce endeavors in many countries in the region.

mobile commerce servicesBanks begin feeling need for adaptation

The services being provided by Monitise and IBM will be linked to mobile applications that will allow consumers to take advantage of various banking features. The services offered to Visa Europe may help member banks better adapt to the changing needs of consumers. Smartphones and tablets have become a major part of the lives of many Europeans, and these people are beginning to look for services that cater to their mobile-centric interests. Banks are beginning to feel the pressure to adapt to this trend or risk being left behind by consumers.

Mobile commerce may be showing signs of maturity

Mobile commerce is still in a fledgling state despite the multitude of payments platforms and companies that are flocking to the sector. As such, no single mobile commerce platform has yet established a major following among consumers. Many people are still expressing concern regarding the security of their financial information and these concerns have been enough to keep consumers away from mobile commerce to some degree. Solving the security problem may be the first step toward making mobile commerce more mature.

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