Mogix Announces Their New Even Lighter Power Bank Bar

Small Mogix 5000

Mogix Electronic Accessories has just announced the launch of a whole new external battery charger…

It’s half the size of its flagship backup power bank – in fact it’s a little smaller than chocolate bar, hence the new campaign for their pint size power bar – perfect pocket size!  This new product launch is being celebrated with a HUGE sale that will be available for only a limited time.

The launch price of the new, lighter Mogix external battery charger will be $17.99, which is more than two thirds off the regular retail price of $59.99 but for the next 24 hours the company has slashed the price to just $9.99!   It is now available at Amazon and can be purchased at the sale price with no need for any special links or coupon codes (at this lower price for a limited time and while supplies last).candy for your phone

As a 5,000 mAh battery, the new and smaller power bank is half the weight and capacity of the flagship device from Mogix.  This latest release is designed for people who want to be able to keep an extra couple of charges for their iPhone 6 in their purse or pocket.  At just slightly bigger than a credit card, there isn’t anywhere that this universal battery charger can’t go. This portable battery pack can provide backup power to virtually any device that will recharge by way of a USB cord, including smartphones, tablets, e-readers, digital cameras and even e-cigarettes.

Mogix is already known for providing the best power banks in the United States.  With this lighter portable battery pack, the company is ensuring that it will always have the options that its customers want, regardless of whether they want to charge an iPhone 6 battery twice or five times.

“Our goal is to fit everyone’s battery needs for all the places that they are going,” said Dan Leves, Mogix CFO.  For instance, Leves pointed out that when he is on the go on a day-to-day basis, the company’s new 5000 mAh power bank is just fine but when traveling the 10,400 mAh has a greater capacity and will keep his phone charged for at least a week.  Therefore, a smaller charger with about half that capacity becomes a very convenient, slim, and light weight option that will fit easily in a pocket or evening bag.

Delivering only the best quality and service the company is accomplishing their goal of setting themselves apart of the competition with a steady 4.7 Star rating on Amazon (out of 5 stars) from more than 1,200 reviews. “People will be amazed on how many charges and how long these little devices go. It’s kind of life changing when you can depend on a product like this,” said Leves.

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Small Mogix 5000

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