Mobile websites are beginning to look identical to consumers

mcommerce websites

mcommerce websites

Many wonder why mobile sites that have been optimized for smartphones all look the same.

Websites that have been optimized for mobile commerce or sometimes referred to as the mobile web, are beginning to suffer from a cookie cutter effect and consumers are starting to notice and wonder why.

The key to the problem is that the entire channel has only been in existence for a very short time.

Mcommerce as a whole has only come into its own over the last two years. This has not given marketers a great deal of opportunity to learn what is and is not effective, and to discover how to use effective strategies while still differentiating a company or brand from its competition in a positive way.

Many companies taking their first steps into mcommerce are very cautious in doing so.

They first want to use a technique that is more standard but that is known to be effective, and then they can focus on learning more so that they can build a more unique and positive experience for their customers. Among the discoveries about mobile websites that were made early on were the development of menu options that are easy to navigate, as well as various features to simplify browsing, and the reduction of pages that are laden with images.

Though these have been very positive discoveries in terms of making certain that the sites are always usable and generate the type of experience that meets the expectations of consumers, it has also resulted in an unintended outcome in which the majority of mobile sites look nearly identical aside from their actual content and details.

At the moment, virtually every mobile website offers the same features – centered around search functionalities – and include significant integration with social media, as well as a clear call to action for customers and the ability for those site visitors to shop within various categories.

Equally, the retail logo is typically positioned at the top of the screen and there is usually a carousel or an image below it that provides basic information regarding the latest mobile commerce sale or promotion. It is believed by many, however, that as the mobile world becomes better understood, companies and marketers will begin to branch off into their own unique directions and diversify the experience for consumers in a significant way.

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