Mobile Website: Optimizing Websites to Work Better on Phones

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Make Your Site A Mobile Website

One of the hottest discussions these days is about how websites can be designed to deliver optimum performance on mobile phones. To figure this out, you need to know what the differences are between a computers’ OS and that of the smartphones. Knowing these differences would enable you to make useful fixes which in turn would help your websites run smoothly on the addictive and ubiquitous mobile platform.

Assessing Phone Performance

Knowing how your website works on mobile phones right now will give you a good starting point so you will know what adjustments need to be made. It would be a bad idea to take a plan that worked for another developer or company and hope that it works for you as well. You need to get a full understanding of how different devices interact with your site to know for sure what the next steps should be.

Considering there are so many phones and multiple operating systems out there, we need tools to be able to fully understand how our site functions on all of those devices. There are tools that allow a developer to see how quickly pages load and every other bit of information that they need to analyze different phones. This info is vital if you really want your site to work the same way on every device.

After you get the information that you need by using these tools, you will be ready to take the next steps toward optimizing your website.

Optimizing Websites for Phones

You have to optimize your website for use on phones because phones just don’t have the same power or bandwidth capabilities as desktops do. While it’s not necessary to strip a website down entirely to work on mobile phones, some sections of each page need to be adjusted to show up as smoothly on phones as they do on desktop computers.Make your site a mobile website

One of the easiest ways for developers to make their sites work on phones is to simply adjust the CSS and Javascript code of the site for when it has detected a phone trying to access the website. None of the information in HTML needs to change because the text will adjust to the phone screen. All that needs to be adjusted is the way the site looks and acts.

One of the mistakes that many web developers still make is forcing a URL to redirect to a mobile version of a website. This is no longer necessary as there are easy ways for the code to automatically switch based on what type of device is currently accessing the site. Avoiding the redirect problem will greatly enhance the connection speeds for mobile phone users.

What slows phones down the most when accessing websites is the large images that are on each page. This is why all developers need to make sure that any images on their websites need to either be removed altogether or reduced in size when a phone is connected to the site.

Tips for Small Business Owners

It’s a shame that so many businesses decide not to make the most of their online presence with the additions of mobile phone optimized sites and apps. It’s very important these days for all small businesses to make it easier for their customers to have a quick way to see their websites on their phones.

An example of this would be to have the most important information about your company right up front and center on the mobile phone version of your site. Anyone who comes to your site will want to know what means the most to the company, so putting that info front and center will lead to more sales and more visitors.

When it comes to promotions, sales, and coupons, there’s no easier way to share this information with your customers than with either an optimized website or an app. Believe it or not, people appreciate knowing when there is a way to save money at a business they trust, so having that information given to them on their phones works for everyone involved in the process.

The Bottom Line

You may not see a huge growth in sales by optimizing your site for mobile phones, but if done correctly, you should have a lot more happy customers. People are always eager for easy access at their finger-tips, while the smartphones make up for part of this need, webmasters need to ramp up their websites to meet the rest of the requirement. And to think of it, optimization isn’t a long process, on the contrary it is that tiny step that can help garner good traffic for your website.

So, do you think optimizing your website is necessary? Shoot me your comments below.

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    I strongly agree with your opinion. Mobile friendly website will win the competition, whereas that is not mobile friendly website will be far behind. I often use Google PageSpeed insights to measure the speed of the site on mobile device.

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