Mobile wallet app launched specifically for US truck drivers

Mobile wallet - Truck Driver using Phone

The new system makes it possible for funds to be sent to the drivers’ digital accounts to cover fuel costs.

Freight brokers in the United States are now able to use mobile wallet technology to send advance fuel payments to carriers and their drivers.

Truckers can then use their smartphones to make contactless payments at the pump along their route.

Using the Transflo Wallet makes it possible for brokers to monitor, manage, and send fuel advances to carriers or owner-operators. These funds are sent in digital payment card form that drivers can use to load into the app on their phones so they can make contactless or “tap” payments at gas stations throughout the US while they’re on the road.

Mobile wallet - Paying with mobile at a gas station

The app “will enable freight brokers to effortlessly send digital fuel advances to carriers and drivers through a secure and user-friendly mobile app, streamlining fuel transactions,” according to Transflo, a supply chain solution provider.

The mobile wallet solution overcomes a long-standing fuel advance challenge for freight brokers.

Using conventional payment methods such as gas station fuel cards or checks has been the conventional strategy for fuel advances to truckers. These methods are costly, inefficient and vulnerable to fraud. Moreover, they don’t provide carriers with any support in managing and reducing fuel expenses.

The Transflo Wallet was developed to provide the tools brokers, carriers and truckers require for greater control and visibility, said the company. “The advanced security features of Transflo Wallet protect carriers from fraud and unauthorized access, offering peace of mind and allowing them to concentrate on their operations,” it went on to say. “Furthermore, Transflo Wallet delivers features that enable carriers to streamline their fuel management and reduce their overall fuel expenses.”

The mobile wallet is based on Comdata proprietary virtual card tech. Fleet management and payments processor company Comdata is also known for launching the Virtual Comchek system near the end of 2020. That option made it possible for US trucking fleets to send one-time use mobile payment cards for expense payments on demand. This new option expands the digital payment solutions created with this specific market in mind.

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