Mobile wallet transactions have doubled at Walgreens thanks to Apple Pay

Apple Pay Logo nfc technology mobile wallet

The iPhone based payments service has accounted for half of all of the tap to pay purchases made at McDonald’s.

Despite a great deal of controversy that was made in some of the largest retailers across the country, the Apple Pay mobile wallet has still kept its position in a number of retail stores in the United States since it was first launched on October, 20, but there has yet to be any real evidence as to whether or not it should be considered to be a success.

Recent figures from the New York Times have suggested that Apple Pay is headed in a good direction.

Though still early, the numbers from McDonald’s, which has been an early partner with the iPhone mobile wallet, has shown that the Apple Pay system has made up 50 percent of all of the transactions made through tap to pay technology. That service is available in all of the 14,000 locations that the company has in the United States. Similarly, Walgreens has found that it has seen a lot of progress with mobile payments in its over 8,000 stores where Apple Pay is accepted.

Since the implementation of Apple Pay, Walgreens has seen a doubling of mobile wallet based transactions.

Apple Pay Logo nfc technology mobile walletEarlier in November, Whole Foods had stated that between October 20 and November 6, it had already processed to 150,000 mobile payments transactions through Apple Pay. This made up an estimated 1 percent of all transactions that were processed by that company.

At the same time, though, there have been other and less successful experiences with Apple Pay. For example, while in the United States, Toys R Us has 870 stores, it has seen only the slightest increase in the use of its smartphone payments transactions, and it explained that because there had been somewhat of a difference as “customers were still learning about the new technology.”

According to analyst from Forrester Researcher, Denée Carrington, the early success of Apple Pay is a result of the “strength of the Apple brand”, as well as the ease of use of this type of transaction. She added that “I’m not saying it’s changing the landscape overnight,” but did also point out that when it comes to other types of mobile wallet, “this has never happened.”

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