Mobile ticketing to reach tens of billions in the near future

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Within the next five years, it has been predicted that 34 billion tickets will be sent to smartphones and tablets.

Recent figures that have been released in an ABI report have shown that electronic ticketing, particularly over smartphones, has taken off at an explosive rate, and that this increasingly mainstream trend will past the 34 billion ticket mark within the next five years.

These tickets will all have been sent to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and possibly wearable technology.

The report was published under the title “Mobile Ticketing: Market Acceptance & Review of Competitive Platforms.” It provided a considerable amount of insight about this sector of mobile commerce and the tremendous success and growth that it has been experiencing over the last few years. It went on to point out that there is a wide range of different types of technology being used in order to bring these tickets to mobile devices, such as digital wallets, SMS, near field communications (NFC), Bluetooth Smart, dedicated apps, and even QR codes.

The report has indicated that mobile ticketing will only continue to take off over a vast array of different uses.

mobile ticketing ticketsAmong the areas in which this trend is already taking off are: public transit, airline boarding passes, major events, and stadium tickets. The report predicted that 48 percent of tickets over smartphones will be authenticated using QR codes, whereas another 30 percent will come through NFC technology, and 22 percent will use SMS.

Although NFC technology will experience an compound annual growth rate of 100 percent, said the report, the fact that QR codes are well established across most countries will help it to remain the dominant authenticating technology to be used worldwide.

Phil Sealy, an analyst, has explained that the ability to combine tickets with other types of services to add value is among the main drivers behind this trend. He pointed out that as time passes, when it comes to mobile ticketing, “it will be the integration of added value services, both from a user and service provider point of view which will spur on additional market growth.”

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