Mobile technology war continues between Apple and Samsung

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The battle for the product ban continues despite the fact that a federal judge has ruled to the contrary.

Even though a ruling made by a federal judge has stated that the mobile technology product infringements by Samsung should not ban that company from producing them, Apple still feels differently and is escalating its efforts to try to block that competitor from continuing with those offerings.

Apple believes that the infringing products being sold by Samsung should be banned from now on.

According to a mobile technology report made in the New York Times, Apple has now decided to take steps forward into an appeal, despite the fact that it had actually already won the case against Samsung, overall. Earlier this year, jurors had decided that Samsung should be required to pay Apple $119.6 million in damages for having violated the patents that are owned by Apple. At the same time, though, Lucy H. Koh, the federal judge for the case, refused to take the ruling a step further and decided against banning the production and sale of the mobile devices in question.

Even though Apple won this mobile technology case, it will still be appealing in order to swing the ruling more to its favor.

apple mobile technologyRecently, Koh wrote that “Apple has not satisfied its burden of demonstrating irreparable harm and linking that harm to Samsung’s exploitation of any of Apple’s three infringed patents.” The judge went on to state that Apple had not adequately established that the company had experienced injury to its reputation or from lost sales. She also added that Apple had not been able to show that either of these alleged harms had occurred as a result of the infringement that Samsung had made on its patents.

Equally, though, Apple does not feel that this ruling was acceptable and it is completely unsatisfied with the decision that the judge has made. For this reason, despite the fact that it had won the mobile technology case for all intents and purposes, it is now starting to prepare itself for the appeal process so that it can attempt to gain a ban against Samsung’s production and sale of products using Apple’s patents.

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