Mobile technology use is still placing drivers in danger

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A recent survey has revealed that Canadians are continuing to drive while using their smartphones.

Despite the fact that the majority of Canadian provinces and territories have put regulations into place that limits or bans the use of mobile technology such as smartphones while driving, a recent survey has shown that many motorists within the country continue this dangerous practice.

The survey determined that smartphones and other electronic devices were being used while behind the wheel.

This use of mobile technology has been proven by a broad spectrum of different studies to be quite dangerous and has increased the number of crashes that are connected to distracted driving. The survey was conducted by an insurance company and found that despite the fact that most drivers are aware that using smartphones and other devices while driving is dangerous, and while the majority also know that it is not permitted, they continue to use them as they drive.

The mobile technology usage study was conducted by Allstate insurance in a national survey.

canada gadgets mobile technology newsWithin it, there were over 1,200 drivers that participated. It was entitled the Canada Distracted Driver Poll and its results were quite surprising and somewhat disappointing. The primary reason that this could be considered to be quite disturbing is that among the participants, one out of every three admitted to checking their smartphone whenever they came to a temporary stop or while they were waiting at a red light.

Moreover, it also showed that one in five Canadian motorists admitted to having texted someone while they were driving. Among every three respondents to the survey, one of them stated that receiving a ticket and being required to pay a fine if they were ever caught using their smartphone while driving would be a large enough deterrent to cause them to stop this habit.

It was also noted by the survey that it was six times more likely for a male to use mobile technology while driving than it was for a female, even if they had received a ticket from a police officer who had caught them in the act, and even after having been required to pay a fine.

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