Mobile technology ownership in Sub-Saharan Africa explodes

africa mobile technology

The number of people who have cell phones is continuing its tremendously rapid rise in that region.

A recent report issued by the Pew Research Center, following a survey that was conducted by that well reputed company, has indicated that Sub-Saharan Africa is continuing a massive growth in mobile technology ownership, and that the penetration of cell phones is only keeping up this very rapid rate.

The report was interesting as it pointed out that the region has all but skipped over the “landline stage of development”.

The survey showed that the penetration of mobile technology has seen exponential growth. Despite the fact that landlines are next to nonexistent in the country, comparatively speaking, cell phones are everywhere. Pew stated that in 2002, only one in ten people in the countries of Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, and Ghana owned a cellular phone. Now, it states that “Across the seven countries surveyed, roughly two-thirds or more say they own a cell phone,” and it added that “Ownership is especially high in South Africa and Nigeria, where about nine-in-ten have a cell phone.”

Mobile technology has become far more practical and accessible for individuals in that part of the world.

africa mobile technologyMobile phone penetration trends in South Africa and Nigeria are high enough that they actually rival that of the United States. In the U.S., it is currently estimated that 89 percent of all adults have some form of active cell phone. The Pew research involved the participation of 7,000 Africans in Kenya, Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, Senegal, Uganda, and Tanzania. The survey was held last year from April through June.

In terms of usage of these mobile devices, owners in Africa tend to use them the most for sending texts and taking pictures or videos, according to the survey. In some countries, such as Uganda, Tanzania, and Kenya, the survey determined that another very common use for cell phones was for mobile banking.

Pew also determined that in Nigeria and South Africa, among other countries, using mobile technology devices in order to access social network accounts and postings was also becoming an increasingly popular activity.

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