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A new survey has shown that shoppers are looking to their smartphones for comparisons and payments.

According to recent mobile technology news that has come in the form of a report that reveals the results of a Vantiv survey, smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming a mainstream part of the overall shopping experience.

In fact, the report showed that they are becoming just as common as credit cards and discount coupons.

The survey was conducted by Vantiv, which is a card processor based in the Symmes Township, in Ohio. What they determined in their mobile technology news report was that over the span of the last year, there has been a considerable rise in the number of people who are looking to their smartphones and tablets both to research the products that they are considering for purchase, and to actually complete the transaction of a payment.

This mobile technology news is significant as it provides insight into the growth of this overall trend.

Mobile technology news paymentsAmong the survey respondents, one in three said that they had used a tablet in order to pay for products and/or services at some point this year. Moreover, 11 percent said that they had done so from their smartphones. This is a significant increase over the same figures from last year, which showed that 19 percent had used their tablet to pay for a product, and 2 percent had used their smartphones.

The rising popularity of using these mobile devices even when making a purchase in-store has presented both retailers and marketers with an opportunity as well as a challenge. While the rapid evolution of this trend has made it rather difficult for retailers to be able to keep up with the expectations of their customers, it has also given them an additional way in which to interact with them and to be able to provide them with an engaging and positive shopping experience.

The primary struggle is in the speed with which mobile technology news is being made. The majority of retailers did not expect that there would be such a rapid shift toward the smartphone and tablet based experience, and they are now finding themselves in the midst of a desperate scramble to offer mobile payment and to create attractive apps.

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