Mobile technology is becoming increasingly important to workers on the job

business mobile technology

Businesses and employees, alike, are finding that smartphones and tablets dependence is growing.

The results of a new survey have now been released and are suggesting that companies and employees in Canada are becoming more dependent on mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets, in order to be able to complete their regular tasks and responsibilities.

The research indicated that 64 percent of businesses in the country use mobile devices for their regular functions.

The mobile technology study was conducted by the Bank of Montreal (BMO) and discovered that while nearly 2 in 3 companies use smartphones and tablets to run their businesses, another 57 percent of workers use these mobile devices in order to be able to effectively do their jobs. This shows that this category of tech has experienced tremendous growth and has revolutionized the way that the average business and employee go about their regular duties.

Businesses look to mobile technology investments even before making decisions about devices for their employees.

business mobile technologyThe survey discovered that the investment into mobile devices, compatibility and security concerns even before making any decisions with regards to how employees will be provided with those gadgets, or whether a BYOD (bring your own device) program should be created. This reveals quite a bit about the way that companies are approaching the use of this type of technology from the ground up.

The research also determined that business owners of companies located in British Columbia and Ontario are among the most reliant on mobile devices when it comes to running their organizations.

Equally, the survey determined that one in every ten business owners do not have any reliance on mobile technology, whatsoever. This means that ten percent of owners don’t use smartphones or tablets for any purpose that is related to the function or everyday routines and tasks of their organizations. This research was held online by BMO and was conducted by Pollara, a market research firm. Five hundred Canadian business owners completed this survey between August 11 and August 28, providing their opinions with regards to the use of these devices by their companies.

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