Mobile shopping more likely among men than women

rumor mobile shopping men

A recent report from BI Intelligence has shown that male consumers shop far more often on smartphones and tablets.

According to a report that was recently issued by BI Intelligence, when it comes to mobile shopping, it is male consumers who are considerably more likely to actually make a purchase than their female counterparts.

This is an important finding, considering the fact that women are typically the target of marketing campaigns.

The report showed that women and men shop online at a rate that is quite near to each other. However, when it comes to mobile shopping, specifically, it is men who will most likely hit the “buy” button. This insight could prove to be quite important to marketers, who tend to steer their ads toward female consumers in the United States. When it comes to overall household spending, women typically control about 80 to 85 percent of the budget. However, in terms of the online spending figure, that proportion is notably lower.

The BI Intelligence report took into account mobile shopping figures from a range of different sources.

rumor mobile shopping menThe data analysis was conducted based on figures from comScore, Extrabux, SeeWhy, and Greenfiled. What they determined, said BI Intelligence’s editorial director, Marcelo Ballvé, was that men seem to have a preference for making purchases over mobile commerce.

In 2013, approximately 52 percent of men and about 57 percent of women had made a purchase over the internet. When it comes to the specific device used in order to buy the products and services, men have a tendency to use smartphones and tablets more often than women. From the data gleaned from SeeWhy, it was revealed that 18 percent of women had purchased something over a smartphone, compared to 22 percent of American men. Similarly, 17 percent of women had purchased something over a tablet, while 20 percent of men had done so.

An important factor that was identified by SeeWhy was that while men seem to take part in mobile shopping in greater numbers than women, they also have a lower tolerance for negative experiences throughout the m-commerce process. Navigation struggles, small screens, and slow internet connections cause men to abandon a purchase than women, who are more likely to give up on buying as a result of indecision.

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