Mobile shopping confidence rose by 13 percent in March alone

mobile shopping confidence trends

Consumers are becoming far more comfortable with the use of their smartphones to retail shop.

The IMRG Capgemini e-Retail Sales Index provided helpful insight about recent mobile shopping confidence trends. The research showed a 13 percent increase in online U.K. retail sales in March, powered by a rise in purchasing over mobile devices.

This rate of growth shows that mobile commerce has seen a healthy performance that month.

The ongoing positive growth in online retail sales over smartphones represents a healthy mobile shopping confidence. This represents, at least partly, the support of higher average basket values (ABV) for mobile shoppers both in the multichannel experience and retailers selling exclusively online. This, according to the sales index.

The total mobile retail ABV had increased by 18 percent year over year. That represented the seventh consecutive month in which there had been a year over year increase.

The report on the index was interpreted as a reflection of consumer mobile shopping confidence rising.

mobile shopping confidence trends“Over the past few years we have recorded very strong online retail sales growth through smartphone devices and it seems shoppers are getting more confident about checking out with higher baskets through these devices,” said Justin Opie, IMRG managing director.

He explained the trend by saying that mobile retail sites are performing better. Opie also said that a larger number of retailers are spending their energy on ensuring that they are providing a convenient and straightforward experience over mobile devices to as great a degree as they can. That said, he also predicted that the growth will be further influenced as next-day delivery becomes more commonplace. He underscored that many retailers are increasingly working toward offering free next-day delivery when customers make an order from which the spending total is greater than a certain amount.

This year, the growth in March has aligned well with the typical trend for that time of year, said Bhavesh Unadkat, Capgemini principle consultant in retail customer engagement design. He also stated that the month over month growth has remained positive and has turned around the negative trend that had become typical for January and February in prior years. This shows a turnaround in mobile shopping confidence and usage.

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