Mobile shopping cart abandonment greatly caused by a sense of “meh”

mobile shopping cart

A recent study showed that a leading cause of leaving without purchasing is “emotional ambivalence.”

Browsing for products over various apps continues to be a growing pastime, but mobile shopping cart abandonment numbers remain as high as they ever were. According to the results of a recent study, the reason people are filling their carts and then leaving them without making a purchase has to do with “emotional ambivalence.”

While certain factors encourage people to add items to their carts, they often stop at that point.

The research indicated that many people spot good deals and add items to their mobile shopping cart over a fear of missing the chance to take advantage of it. However, concerns over issues such as privacy stop them from following through with the purchase. They want the item and the deal enough that they will record their hold of the item in their carts, but then leave without buying.

Sixty percent of American online shoppers said they abandon their mobile carts when they see the final totals and the costs (taxes, fees and shipping) are “too high.” Another 37 percent claim they abandon their m-commerce carts because the checkout process requires them to “create an account.”

The mobile shopping cart abandonment study was conducted by Baymard.

mobile shopping cartBaymard examined the results of 37 different mobile cart abandonment in which statistics calculated the average value of the left-behind carts.

Emotional ambivalence has become a primary barrier to the completion of mobile commerce orders. Consumers simply aren’t driven enough to step beyond the fees, the requirement to create an account or to deal with the inconvenience or complexity of completing an online checkout form – including billing and shipping information – using a touch screen keyboard.

While this sounds as though it is bad news, this acknowledgement of consumer emotional ambivalence provides retailers with the opportunity to overcome that barrier. The key is to provide consumers with the motivation to push past their hesitations. Retailers must improve the satisfaction levels of their customers in order to shrink hesitation and encourage them to continue the checkout process instead of abandoning their mobile shopping cart.

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