Mobile Selling Unable To Meet UK Consumer’s Expectations

Mobile Marketers

Mobile Marketers

Marketing strategists in the United Kingdom are now contemplating on how to come up with more innovate solutions to make mobile selling more effective in the area. This developed after results of a recent survey revealed that mobile selling in UK has actually failed to meet most of consumer’s expectations.

Result of the survey recently conducted by eDigitalResearch showed many of customer expectations were not actually meet by mobile selling, a marketing strategy used by many companies to market their goods, services and other promotions.

Other researches also revealed that as the demand for mobile marketing increases, customer satisfaction has also slide down. This revelation encouraged marketing strategies to come up with better solutions. Some saw the need to stick with the traditional email marketing rather than exploring the ever increasing popularity of mobile selling. On the contrary, others also realized the essence of incorporating both in their marketing strategies.

According to Derek Eccleston, the research company’s director, had this to say, “Today many people have began using Smartphone’s to browse and shop online, and this is why it’s very crucial that the retailers start operating within their customers space”.

Although most marketers are seeing the need to involve mobile elements to their strategies, many are shying away and remaining on with email marketing campaigns. Change can be difficult but many warn that these forms of marketing are just not returning the results like they use to. The draw to mobile marketing tactics for many is the fact that the mobile device follows customers and many no longer pay attention to emails anymore.

The marketing director of, Roddy McLean reiterated that the mobile devices will somewhat augment instead of competing with the traditional computers in trying to meet consumer’s expectations.

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