Mobile security partnership opens between AVG and Sony

mobile security parents concerns

This recent three year deal will mean that the company will be Sony’s exclusive protection provider.

AVG Technologies, the online and mobile security software vendor, has now been awarded a three year contract that will allow the company to become the exclusive provider of security for smartphones and tablets that are made by Sony.

As a part of this new partnership, the AntiVirus Pro from AVG will be preinstalled on the Xperia Z3 range.

One component of this mobile security deal is that the AVG AntiVirus Pro for Android application will be pre-installed on the range of Xperia Z3 products to be sold within the United Kingdom and the United States. That said, spokespeople for both companies have not yet confirmed whether other markets, such as Australia and New Zealand, will also be included into the exclusivity and pre-installed component of this contract.

That said, the mobile security app will be available to the users of any Sony smartphones or tablets.

mobile security parents concernsRepresentatives from AVG have said that the users of any tablets or smartphones from Sony that are running on any Android operating system above the 2.2 version – which includes Xperia Z2, will also be given the ability to obtain the antivirus application for free from Google Play.

That said, this offer does come with a certain level of a “catch” to it. It is important to recognize that the free offer for the app is technically a 180 day trial period. After that time, if users want to be able to keep up their protection with that same mobile app, they will need to do so by paying for it on an annual basis. Their alternative is to either choose a different protection app, or to downgrade from the full version that they had previously enjoyed to the free version, which does not include many of the premium features that are found in the PRO app.

Still, AVG has expressed that it feels that this new mobile security partnership is a considerable win for the company, stating that it is a reflection of its first class approach in the mobile marketplace.

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