Mobile security partnership formed between BlackBerry and Samsung

Blackberry mobile security

Technology news headlines are buzzing as the two rivals have come together in this effort.

It has now been confirmed that BlackBerry Ltd. has entered into a partnership with its rival handset maker, Samsung Electronics Co. in order to be able to work together to bring the increased mobile security technology to the Android operating system.

BlackBerry may still be struggling, but it continues to be recognized for the high levels of security it provides.

Beginning in 2015, this partnership will allow business customers to be able to gain access to the high levels of protection from BlackBerry’s newest mobile security software and take advantage of it on their Samsung Galaxy smartphones and tablets, which are based on the Android operating system. This partnership has the potential to be greatly beneficial to both of these major players within the technology industry.

BlackBerry appears to be moving ahead with a strategy that focuses on mobile security software.

Blackberry mobile securityAccording to the CEO of BlackBerry, John Chen, when speaking at a San Francisco event, the BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 is going to be the center focus, or the “anchor” in the company’s intentions to be able to roll out a broader range of software to mobile device users. This BES12 service is going to make it possible for large organizations to be able to use both older and newer version of their smartphones from the Canadian handset maker and to better manage them.

That said, it also wants to be able to offer this same opportunity to large organizations that use smartphones that are based on other operating systems, as well, such as those running on Android, iOS, and Windows.

This software is going to be made available through a number of different carriers. In the U.K., this will include Vodaphone, whereas in Canada, it will be offered through Rogers Communications.

The partnership between the two companies is going to bring together the powerful mobile security technology from BES12 and Samsung KNOX. This will help Samsung to stand out within this increasingly crowded marketplace, while it also represents another move by BlackBerry to bring itself back into relevance within the corporate marketplace once again.

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