Mobile security may not be a serious issue in the future

Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Security highlighted as a major concern today

Mobile security has become a paramount issue for many companies and consumers that are tied to the world of mobile technology. As mobile technology has become a more important part of people’s lives, the need to protect the information contained within a smart phone or other such device is becoming more apparent. For years, companies and security organizations have worked to make mobile devices safe from exploitation. Their efforts have done little to abate the number of ambitious hackers that have proven themselves a formidable challenge. AT&T believes that is one particular way to make a nearly unbreakable mobile security system.

AT&T makes predictions concerning the future of mobile security and technology

The acclaimed telecommunications and technology company has released a new “You Will” video, a throwback to the marketing campaign it had launched in the early 1990’s. In its past You Will campaign, AT&T successfully predicted the rise of new technologies that would come to change the way people communicated and experience the world. These technologies are now commonplace. Now, AT&T is looking to make a serious of new prediction, one of which concerns mobile security.


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Brainwaves may control access to mobile devices in the future

In its latest video, AT&T showcases a new brand of sophisticated security technology that the company believes will create a secure future in the realm of mobile technology and beyond. The technology allows a smart phone to scan a user’s brainwaves – the electrical signals given off by the brain – and stores this information within the phone itself. The system is equipped with intelligent mitigation software that will actively hunt down threats. It will also make use of a pair of augmented reality glasses that can be used to access the information contained within a mobile device.

Video does not represent current AT&T projects

AT&T has been quick to note that its video, which was originally shown at the company’s Cyber Security Conference, does not represent any products that the company is currently developing.

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