Mobile security issues to gain exposure through Black Hat conference

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Security continues to be a serious issue in the world of mobile technology

As mobile technology continues to play a growing role in the lives of many, security is becoming one of the greatest concerns amongst consumers. The subject of mobile security is expected to gain a great deal of attention during the Black Hat USA 2012 conference, which will be held in Las Vegas at the end of July. The conference, which is in its 15th year, has long been a major event in the security world, attractive IT professionals and security enthusiasts from all over the country to share their insights and latest research and products.

Mobile commerce may be a breeding ground for mobile security issues

With mobile technology having become a significant part in the lives of consumers, many companies have opted to create services that are tailored specifically for mobile technologies. Mobile commerce, in particular, is among the most popular industries that has emerged in the advent of mobile technology. Mobile commerce is made possible through the use of NFC technology, which is similar to RFID in that it is capable of transmitting information over distances. NFC can turn nearly any mobile device into a mobile payment platform, allowing consumers to make payments for goods and services using their smart phones and tablets.


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NFC technology suspected as being a serious mobile security problem

Though mobile commerce has proven popular amongst consumers and businesses, concerns over the security of a person’s financial information have delayed the expansion of the industry considerably. Some security professionals, such as renowned Apple hacker Charlie Miller, have highlighted NFC technology as one of the major problems in the mobile world today. Some have noted that hackers with adequate experience can take full control of a mobile device equipped with NFC technology. Such a feat presents serious problems in the world of mobile security.

Changing mobile technology landscape may produce innovative hackers and security products

The Black Hat conference is expected to introduce a number of new security methodologies, technologies, and products that could help keep consumers safe in the increasingly dangerous world of mobile technology. New challenges are expected to emerge, however, as hackers continue to adapt to the changes in technology, looking for ways to exploit weaknesses.

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