Mobile security issues continue to plague Android devices

mobile security Android apps

Symantec’s latest report has shown that malware writers are continuing to focus on at operating system.

New data that has been released by Symantec has confirmed that mobile security is continuing to be an issue for Android device users above all others as malware writers continue to prefer that operating system over any other smartphone platform.

This helps to illustrate how important it is to take precautions particularly with an Android based device.

According to the publication from Symantec, “The report is based on data from the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, which Symantec’s analysts use to identify, analyze, and provide commentary on emerging trends in the dynamic threat landscape.” Among the largest problems that have been identified are the mobile security weaknesses in both the official and the third party app stores that are available to Android users.

Mobile security issues are becoming more common and are even found in apps from the Google Play store.

mobile security Android appsJust last summer, a Remote Administration Tool (RAT) appeared in several apps that were available to smartphone and tablet users at the Google Play store. Attackers have also worked their way into popular apps such as messenger services and have released a range of counterfeit versions that come free with adware and potential malware. Although this type of app is usually rapidly taken down from the Android app marketplace, the most popular ones will often build up a number of downloads before the removal can occur.

Attackers are finding the mobile environment to be increasingly appealing. As Android is the largest operating system, it is natural that they would place their primary focus on it. It provides them with the biggest opportunity to spread their reach.

Symantec explained in the mobile security report, that the appeal that attackers have to the mobile environment is “clearly based on the size and growth rate of the user base today.” However, it also pointed out that more of that appeal is based on the fact that there is a great deal of personal data that is readily available to attackers once they are on the device. As long as they have attained the right permissions, they have a significant amount of access to the device, its functions, and what it contains.

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