Mobile security gains momentum on the back of biometric technology

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Biometrics could revolutionize mobile security

Goode Intelligence, a market research and analysis firm, has released a new forecast report concerning the state of the mobile market and the demand for biometric security solutions. Mobile security has become a major issue for businesses and consumers alike. With technology playing a larger role in society, a lack of security could have dire consequences for many people. The new market report from Goode Intelligence outlines the growing prominence that mobile security is beginning to establish throughout the world.

More than 3.4 billion people could benefit from biometric systems

According to the report, biometric security solutions are beginning to become more popular. With the launch of the iPhone 5S, Apple introduced its Touch ID system, which utilizes a consumer’s fingerprint in order to make a mobile device more secure. While not the first of its kind, Touch ID has helped bring more attention to the potential value of biometric security solutions. The report suggests that more than 3.4 billion consumers will be using these kinds of security systems by 2018, generating some $8.3 billion for the biometrics sector.

Mobile SecurityMobile commerce boosts focus on security

The popularity growing around biometric security systems is partly driven by the growth of mobile commerce. More consumers are opting to shop, bank, and conduct financial transactions with their mobile devices. This has made mobile commerce quite attractive to hackers and malicious parties that may seek to exploit a person’s financial information. Biometric systems could be effective in enhancing mobile security and making new forms of commerce safer for consumers.

Technology firms begin focusing on biometrics

Apple has already established a strong lead in the biometric security sector, but whether or not it can hold on to this lead has yet to be seen. More technology firms are beginning to take mobile security quite seriously. As such, these firms are beginning to focus on biometrics, showing favor for the security potential that biometric systems represent.

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