Mobile security clearance awarded to iOS 6 by the Pentagon

Mobile Security

Mobile SecurityFollowing an extensive phase of rigorous testing, the Apple operating system has passed.

The U.S. Department of Defense has tested the iOS 6 Apple operating system for its mobile security in an extensive and protracted process and has now awarded clearance to the technology of the iPhone and the iPad.

Specifically, there was one major confirmed area in which the iOS 6 received this official approval.

The area where mobile security clearance was granted and has been confirmed by the Defense Systems Agency was for the Apple iOS 6 Security Technical Implementation Guide (STIG). This is an extremely important accomplishment for Apple, as it means that many doors for selling to and serving the American government can now be opened for the devices using that operating system.

The mobile security clearance means that more of the government can use these devices.

STIG’s mobile security approval has meant that the mobile devices used by the government and that are based on the iOS 6 platform are now approved for use when DOD network connections are being made within the current pilots for mobility, or even within the device management frameworks for the future.

The most recent estimates that have been issued by Bloomberg have suggested that the U.S. Department of Defense currently uses more than 600,000 various forms of mobile devices. Each of those have had to receive mobile security approvals of some level in order to be used for various different purposes.

The mobile security approved devices that are currently being used by the government on various different levels in that agency include – according to Bloomberg’s numbers – 470,000 BlackBerry smartphones, 41,000 products from Apple, and 8,700 devices based on Android.

The complete announcement regarding the confirmation of the mobile security clearance for Apple’s iOS 6 was released by the Department of Defense. The release, in its entirety, is available to be viewed online through official websites from this government agency. Some in the industry are expecting that this may be the lead in for a new purchasing deal that may be occurring based on the new clearances that the Apple devices have now received.

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