Mobile security campaign helps people stop jealous partners from spying on them

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Bugging smartphones is becoming an increasingly common practice but a new group is helping to protect people against this spyware.

Despite the fact that it is not a topic that is commonly discussed, the mobile security issue of spying on partners and spouses by way of their smartphones has become an extremely common problem, according to pressure groups that are currently tracking electronic abuse.

Campaigns have now been launched to help to protect women against the increasing use of spyware on smartphones.

This type of mobile security breach occurs when a boyfriend, husband, or former partner uses a type of software to spy on the individual. The spyware provides them with reports with regards to the way that the smartphone is being used. The software is available extremely cheaply and it is widely available, allowing the suspicious partner or former partner to be able to monitor emails, social media posts and messages, texts, to hear phone conversations, and even to track the physical location of the device by way of its GPS feature.

All of this breach of mobile security can occur without the device user ever being aware that he or she is being tracked.

Mobile SecurityThe problem is growing at an astonishing rate in Great Britain, where some trackers are available for as little as £100, and can be installed for under £50. In the United States, it has been reported to be even more widely available and even cheaper, particularly in terms of the software that can be installed very quickly and easily.

The Digital-Trust group has now released a statement that explained that this time of year (during which many couples experience break-ups due to the high amount of stress and strain on a relationship), “Women leaving abusive relationships and seeking refuge will often unwittingly lead abusers to their location via mobile phones.”

The group pointed out that the mobile security issue here is that the victim’s phone could be tracked by the abuser if it is registered to him or her, or if that person has access to the victim’s iPhone or Google online account, or if they have installed surveillance software on the device.

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