Mobile security could benefit from combined Nokia and Microsoft effort

Microsoft mobile secrurity Outlook app

The two companies are actively working to raise the stakes for making the devices safer.

Microsoft’s agreement to purchase the smartphone business from Nokia – worth $7.2 billion – is giving the software company the boost that it may need to surpass both Samsung and Apple in terms of mobile security.

The company is gathering what it needs to create a smartphone platform that is enterprise class.

Despite the fact that Microsoft does now have the technology and will soon also have the manufacturing facilities that it requires, it is still far from known whether it will be able to achieve the mobile security success that it is trying to reach. The goal is to be able to surpass its rivals, which currently dominate the market.

Microsoft mobile secrurityThe new mobile security back office application integration has significant potential.

The advantage that Microsoft holds in terms of mobile security plans is that it will be a maker of both hardware and software for smartphones. This is precisely the model that has allowed Apple to create itself into one of the companies in the world with the greatest value. The acquisition of Nokia by Microsoft will not be entirely complete until 2014, but it is being seen as a very bold move on the purchaser’s part.


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It looks as though Microsoft is taking an all or nothing approach to the Windows Phone smartphone platform, instead of settling for its tiny share of the smartphone market, which is currently estimated by Gartner to be 3 percent. Considerable improvements to mobile security and to the software on the device could be an important card for Microsoft to play. They already have a notable advantage when it comes to selling to large businesses, as most are used to using software such as the Windows computer operating system, the Office suite of software, as well as Exchange.

Microsoft has had ActiveSync since 1996, allowing computers and mobile devices to synchronize their data, and this may prove highly beneficial when boosting mobile security and appeal. Safety of use and outstanding integration will need to be the key elements of any offerings produced by Microsoft, from now on.

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