Mobile payments platform with latest support for Isis launched

Isis Mobile Payment Platform

The smartphone wallet joint venture created by Verizon Wireless, AT&T and T-Mobile continues to expand.

The mobile payments program that has just recently gone nationwide, Isis, has now announced the details of its Isis Alliance Program, which will be the latest platform for supporting this system.

It has been designed to support the merchant technology ecosystem while providing resources and tools.

The hope is that it will enhance the experience for merchants who wish to take advantage of what mobile payments has to offer. The launch of this Isis Alliance Program follows the nationwide launch of the free mobile wallet app by only days. This app has given consumers the chance to use their smartphones in the same way that they would otherwise use credit and debit cards to pay for products and services in stores, as well as to redeem coupons and receive loyalty rewards.

Isis Mobile Payment PlatformThis element of the mobile payments program is meant to serve as a platform for companies who wish to implement these solutions.

According to the Isis chief sales officer, Jim Stapleton, “We created the Isis Alliance Program to serve as a resource where companies looking to deploy mobile commerce solutions have access to tools and information.” He added that the program is meant to assist businesses in harnessing “the competitive advantages” that are created by the mobile payments experience and to better serve the needs of their merchant customers.

The mobile payments platform at Isis is designed to provide merchants with the capabilities for the delivery of an enhanced and more personalized relationship with their shoppers through the digital wallet. The reason is that they believe that it leverages the payment infrastructure that is already in place.

The Retail Solutions Providers Association CEO and president, Joseph Finizio explained that companies are dependent on the retail technology industry for the delivery of cutting edge and innovative tech to help them to expand their businesses. He added that his organization proudly supports the Isis Alliance Program. They feel that this mobile payments program provides companies with “critical tools” that will help providers of retail tech to “future-proof their offerings” and to evolve the available solutions in today’s shopping environment.

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