Mobile payments partnership formed between Tieto and Russian MTS Bank

Mobile Payments partnership

Mobile Payments partnershipThe Finnish company has announced that it has entered into a deal with the banking giant from Russia.

Tieto, a technology provider from Finland, has entered into a partnership with Russian MTS Bank in order to be able to launch a suite of different mobile payments technology services to their customers.

There are several different services that are being combined within this transaction suite for smartphones.

Among the various mobile payments capabilities that are being created for the Tieto and Russian MTS Bank suite are smartphone top ups, paying bills, and making remote purchases. The service will be offered by the financial institution in Russia but will be based on solutions that have been developed by the Nordic company.

Through this partnership, Tieto is working with MTS in order to create and support a number of different mobile payments services.

These will allow the bank’s customers to be able to connect with their mobile network operators. This includes through messaging, card authorization, and other features, said Tieto.

According to the director of cards for financial services from Tieto, Maris Ozolins, “Mobile phones have become an integral part of our daily lives, and being able to reach everyone wherever and whenever necessary is common sense.” Ozolins also pointed out that wireless operators, as well as a number of other mobile payments market players are continually trying to come up with ways that will provide a faster, simpler, more convenient, and overall more enjoyable experience for the consumer.

These efforts to improve the mobile payments experience are not only to be able to please consumers overall, but also to help to differentiate themselves in an industry that is being increasingly flooded with competition as a growing number of companies in different sectors identify the potential that it has to offer and a way that they can take part.

Tieto is a company that is based in Helsinki, Finland. It currently employs more than 17,000 people. It now has operations in more than twenty different countries around the globe. This most recent partnership is its first with the Russian MTS bank, but not its first foray into the mobile payments industry as a whole.

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