Mobile payments partnership formed between NCR and LevelUp

Mobile Payments

Mobile PaymentsThe agreement will bring the technology to a larger number of restaurants.

Leading retail point of sale (POS) software supplier for American restaurants, NCR, has partnered with LevelUp to bring the mobile payments app into the POS systems in order to be able to complete dining transactions.

The startup is hoping that this will help it to make greater inroads into this rapidly growing market.

This is especially important because restaurants are proving to be one of the most important growth areas for mobile payments. LevelUp has now formed this important massive partnership on top of a number of deals that it has started with several smaller suppliers. The company does still have quite a distance to travel before it will be available at all of the various fast food restaurants and bistros across the country, but this is an important step.

It is comfortable knowing that at least it will be possible for half of U.S. restaurants to use its mobile payments.

That the mobile payments from LevelUp will now be available through NCR systems will help to make it easier for many restaurants and businesses to take on the technology. The startup offers both its own mobile payments application, as well as white label technology that can be used by retailers in order to work it into their own apps.

In either situation, it is relatively simple to integrate the mobile payments technology. It works by generating QR codes that are linked to the credit card data of a customer. That way, when the customer displays this barcode, it can be scanned at the restaurant into its terminal in order to complete the transaction and pay the bill.

The terminal at the restaurant could be as simple and straightforward as a tablet or smartphone of the proprietor, which can scan the code displayed on the screen of the customer’s device. This means that if the restaurant owner does not wish to add any additional hardware in order to accept mobile payments, then it is not necessarily required. For each transaction, there is a flat fee of 2 percent taken by LevelUp for the use of its services.

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