Mobile payments move made by Dominos with Google Wallet

Mobile payments App for US Dominos

The pizza chain has now announced that it will be integrating this transaction option into its Android app.

This week, Domino’s Pizza announced that it is integrating the Google Wallet mobile payments option into the latest update for its meal ordering app in order to allow customers to be able to use their smartphones to do more when interacting with the company and purchasing their meals.

This recent mobile news was released by the company to show that customers can now pay online.

The news release shows that the choice that Domino’s Pizza made was for Google Wallet, a mobile payments option that has been struggling to take hold until now, despite the fact that it has now been available for a while – in terms of the age of the industry as a whole. That payment system is available for free for the consumer and allows them to store their credit cards, debit cards, and even loyalty cards, within their smartphones.

Now, consumers choosing to “Buy with Google” can make mobile payments to purchase their meals.

Mobile payments App for US DominosIn order to encourage customers to actually use Google Wallet, Domino’s has started a mobile commerce promotion that is offering a free order of its new specialty chicken to customers who make their orders online over their Android device, and who choose the “Buy with Google” option when they checkout. The option is available to customers whose order totals come to $10 or more. This promotion is already underway and will continue to run until June 15.


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According to Patrick Doyle, the CEO of Domino’s, who was quoted in the company’s press announcement, “This is yet another way Domino’s is using technology to improve our customer experience.” He also went on to add that “Google Wallet is a great technology that allows customers even more flexibility and convenience when it comes to paying for their Domino’s orders.”

Consumers who are interested in trying out this method of mobile payments have been encouraged to visit the page, or to simply set up an account by way of the Domino’s Android app, which also offers this registration capability.

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