Mobile payments may hold the key to convenient EV charging

Mobile Payments
by Internet Marketing Genius, Jason Fladlien
by Internet Marketing Genius, Jason Fladlien

Mobile PaymentsElectric vehicles may be much faster and easier to charge through a new smartphone feature.

Leading electric vehicle charging station and commercial application software company, SemaConnect, has just unveiled its new mobile payments option that will help to make its stations across the country much more convenient to use.

This will allow consumers to charge their EVs without having to swipe a credit card.

The founder and CEO of SemaConnect, Mahi Reddi, explained that “We’re focused on building more products that make it easier than ever to own and charge an electric vehicle.” Reddy also pointed out that “As the EV Charging industry matures, we’re aggressively building more smart and efficient ways for station owners to manage their stations, and for electric vehicle drivers to utilize them.”

Using this mobile payments service involves the use of a quick and user friendly website.

The mobile payments website can be accessed through the browser of the user’s smartphone, and the option “start charging now” can be clicked. The station serial number is entered at that point, as is printed on the charging station itself. Any credit card details are then entered at that point, though the cards, themselves, never need to be swiped. Finally, the cost and location of the station is confirmed, and the charging session automatically begins.

When the charging session has been completed, the credit card of the user is automatically billed for the specific cost of that charge. Using this mobile payments option doesn’t require any membership, nor does the user need to download and install an application into his or her device. This makes it possible for the service to function on all smartphones and tablets.

The service is fully automated and functions 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. It has now been rolled out to all of the public charging stations from SemaConnect’s ChargePro across the United States.

This type of mobile payments service is becoming much more commonplace in areas such as for paying at parking meters and public parking lots. However, this addition to charging stations for electric vehicles could help to simplify the ownership of EVs and boost their own popularity even further.

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