Mobile payments and loyalty program launched by New York Fries

New York Fries mobile payments

The chain will be bringing this option to its 200 various locations and will link it to its Fry Society program.

New York Fries, a chain of quick service restaurants that has approximately two hundred locations has recently announced that it is launching a mobile payments, loyalty and rewards app that will also involve a gifting program that it has called the Fry Society.

The fast food chain specializes in selling fresh cut French fries, as well as poutine and other fry combinations.

The mobile payments program has been created through a partnership that New York Fries (NYF) has established with Virtual Next. The launch of the program was announced through a news release. It explained that the Fry Society program gives the restaurant’s customers the opportunity to take advantage of two different loyalty levels. Members of this program are able to earn points that they can later apply toward receiving free food. They accumulate these points every time they visit and purchase NYF foods.

After 10 visits, this mobile payments and loyalty program gives them the choice of one of any menu items, free.

New York Fries mobile paymentsRewards can be earned even more quickly through the “Aficionados” of the Fry Society, which are a kind of level up from regular members. Those are the people who pre-load their virtual mobile phone based card with money to spend at NYF. They are able to earn more rewards and can take advantage of obtaining free fries on their birthday. They can also double their points when they complete certain kinds of transactions.


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In order to boost awareness and adoption of the mobile device based program, the company is making a special offer to its customers. For a limited time, customers who pre-load their Fry Society virtual card with $25 will receive a free poutine.

According to a statement made in the release by Warren Price, the New York Fries executive vice president, “Our Fry Society program enables customers to complete transactions faster by using their smartphones without having to download an app”. He added that the company understands that there are struggles in encouraging consumers to download an application “in the crowded app market.” For that reason, they chose to take a path that is “simpler and more effective to launch our Fry Society program, and rewarding for our customers to use,” including the opportunity to make mobile payments.

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