Mobile payments from MasterPass focuses on quick service restaurants

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Mobile Payments Mastercard PayPass MasterPass QR codesMasterCard has added its smartphone friendly transactions to the Burger King delivery program.

MasterCard has just announced that BK Delivers, the Burger King delivery program, is the latest to add its name to the businesses that are now accepting the MasterPass mobile payments program.

This most recent addition came alongside U.S. LivingSocial also having joined to use the transactions.

MasterPass is a mobile payments digital wallet that was initially introduced in February at a large technology event. It functions by keeping the payment and shipping information of a customer all in one location. This means that, when a smartphone is used, a consumer is able to make purchases and complete transactions.

The MasterPass is being advertised as a mobile payments service that is very fast and easy to use.

The quick service restaurant – fast food – space is being increasingly recognized by mobile payments companies as an important place to broaden the presence and use of these digital wallets. Within the environment of a fast food restaurant, the quickest and most efficient service is always expected. In this case, a consumer is able to make a very quick payment through the BK Delivers official website.

The card and delivery details for the mobile payments are already saved upon registration, so whenever the customer wants to place an order, all they need to do is click a button to complete the transaction and have their meals delivered. The functionality of the MasterPass service includes a single log-on, which removes the requirement for adding credit card information or delivery locations to each transaction.

BK Delivery’s new incorporation of MasterPass is considered by experts in the industry to be a very positive and complementary use of the innovation of mobile payments in the fast food experience. They believe that it will provide benefits to customers at many of the different purchasing locations such as delivery, drive-thru and at the counter inside the restaurant, itself.

At the moment, the MasterPass mobile payments are available at over 180 companies throughout the United States. These merchants are offering the transactions as being safer and faster than traditional methods.

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