Mobile payments boost taxi tech and convenience

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Cabbies in the United States will soon be accepting transactions for fares via smartphones.

Taxis in the United States certainly aren’t anything new, but they are about to experience an update in the technology that they use when they start implementing mobile payments from their passengers.

For most of a century, cash has been the only – or at least the primary – acceptable way to pay.

Modern technology is beginning to demand that taxis begin to move into the 21st century through the use of mobile payments. New legislation from Washington D.C. is now giving taxi companies in the area the opportunity to change the way that they accept transactions from debit and credit card accounts.

taxi mobile payments systemOver the last few weeks, a number of mobile payments partnerships have been formed to make this possible.

Among these partnerships is one between airsMobile – the business behind a new app that is designed to allow consumers to hail a cab from wherever they may be – and USA Cabs, a taxi company. This partnership has allowed TaxiRadar to be developed. This is a new form of online hailing of a cab that works with a taxi system that runs on a smart meter which is designed in response to the new regulations issued by the taxi commission from Washington D.C.

As a result, cab riders in Washington D.C will now be able to use their smartphones for finding a taxi, hailing it, and completing mobile payments. TaxiRadar applies the technology from the PayAnywhere API in order to make these smartphone transactions possible using either digital credit or debit cards, forming the “smart meter and secure credit card payment experience,” says the company.

The app uses the smartphone GPS feature in comparison with the GPS location of nearby available cabs to hail them in real time with a single touch of the device screen. The riders can then use their credit or debit card information, which has been securely stored within their devices, to complete mobile payments to cover the cab fare within a capability that is now mandated by the regulations of the D.C. Taxi Commission (DCTC).

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