Mobile payments and banking partnership formed between HP and Accumulate

HP mobile payments

The companies are bringing their experience and technology together to target several new markets.

HP has now announced that it is taking greater steps into the mobile payments and banking industry, through its latest partnership which includes a global agreement with Accumulate.

This partnership is meant to considerably broaden the potential and capabilities of both companies.

The new strategy follows the successful implementation that HP has already made of the IKO mobile payments and banking scheme in Poland which involves the participation of PKO Bank Polski. The company is now working with Accumulate in order to adopt its project experience and technology into its own. This will give them a larger reach into new markets to which it didn’t previously have easy access.

HP mobile paymentsHP is also already offering mobile payments and banking solutions in several other parts of the world.

For instance, the company is providing secure processing solutions and other transaction technologies for a range of telecommunications organizations and banks in Europe, the Americas, and in Asia. With the addition of technology from Accumulate into the HP portfolio, it gives many of the latter company’s customers around the world the ability to use a solution for smartphone based transactions and security that has already been proven.

Accumulate is based in Sweden and has established itself over the last several years as a provider of smartphone based online solutions. Since 2004, it has delivered over 100 million applications. Its security program for smartphones is award winning and its processes and methods are a powerful complement to integrators of systems that are seeking to provide services in transactions and online bank features, authentication, and security for smartphones.

The portfolio at Accumulate is an ever growing one and already includes PKO Bank Polski in Poland, CredibanCo in Columbia, National Commercial Bank in Saudi Arabia, Shell in Greece, Diners Cards in Ecuador, and even PayPal in Sweden. The mobile payments and banking services that are based on the solution from this provider are being steadily introduced in many different countries worldwide. HP has identified this as a clear opportunity for their own ability to expand their reach in these markets.

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