Mobile payments app to be tested out by Tesco

tesco mobile payments

The company will be running a trial of the PowaTag mobile app at its Soho store on Dean Street.

Tesco has revealed that it running a trial of the mobile payments app called PowaTag for the first time in order to enhance its strategy to be able to improve the speed of its lunchtime rush experience.

This grocery store giant is working with the mobile app in order to trial the payments experience and speed.

The trial will be running in the Soho area of London for a week at the Dean Street Metro location of Tesco. Customers will be able to download the PowaTag mobile payments application for both Android and iOS. The hope is that by using this mobile app instead of the typical credit, debit, or cash transactions, it will help the checkout process to become much faster, particularly at times in which the store is very busy, such as in the lunchtime rush.

Customers who use this method of mobile payments will be able to scan QR codes in the store to speed things up.

tesco mobile paymentsThe QR codes are placed within the store and will help to be able to reduce the time that is needed when paying for their purchases. In fact, Tesco is hoping to encourage consumers to not only take part, but to see how fast they can make things happen. They are trying to get their customers to “Take the 30 second challenge! Pick, pay and leave in 30 seconds”.

According to PowaTag, the registration process is quite fast and easy. It starts with the download of the mobile app. Then it links to a debit or credit card in order to be able to use it for transactions. That entire process is supposed to take under two minutes, on average. After that point, consumers will be able to continue to use that application to complete transactions in the store by way of scanned QR codes throughout the length of the week long trial.

For the promotion of the program, Tesco provided the first five hundred customers with the PowaTag mobile payments app along with a complimentary Meal Deal during the first two days of the trial. This meant that for those two days, the customers who used the transaction would be able to have a main lunch item, a snack, and a drink, free of charge.

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