Mobile payments app from Dunkin’ Donuts now has a Spanish language version

Mobile payments App for Dunkin Donuts

Mobile payments App for Dunkin DonutsThe application is now available in a total of two languages, with the latest added to English.

Dunkin’ Donuts has just announced that its increasingly popular mobile payments app is now going to become available to an entirely new group of people – those who would prefer to complete their transactions in Spanish.

The latest release of the application allows users to view all of the features in Spanish instead of English.

The Spanish language version of the mobile payments app makes the service much more accessible to Spanish speaking device users. This will make Dunkin’ Donuts the first coffee retailer in the United States to make its features, information, and special offers available in both English and Spanish in its application.

The mobile payments app lets customers with Android and iOS devices pay for their purchases at participating stores.

Though the mobile payments service has not yet been rolled out at all Dunkin’ Donuts locations, it is available in many across the United States. Customers who wish to use the app must simply download it and register. Then, when they make a purchase, they can enter a number at the point of sale, and the app will automatically generate a code on the screen of the smartphone that can be scanned at the POS in order to complete the transaction.

The app also gives customers the opportunity to send digital gift cards to friends and family members, to find nearby Dunkin’ Donuts locations, and to be able to receive special offers over their mobile devices.

According to the director of multicultural marketing at Dunkin’ Donuts, Xavier Turpin, “As the Hispanic population continues to grow, we believe it is important to continue to find new and meaningful ways to enhance our relationships and brand equity within the Hispanic marketplace.”

The mobile payments app, according to Turpin, has already been used by millions of people who are “busy” and “on the go” for a more convenient and quicker experience while at the location. More than ever, Dunkin’ Donuts customers are using smartphones, and this allows them to apply those devices to making their purchases more conveniently, regardless of whether they speak English or Spanish.

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