Mobile-Optimized Websites are the Next Step for Businesses

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Punch in a Web site on your smartphone, and you’ll see one of two things: a simple interface with readable type or a bite-sized image of a Web site. It’s the difference between easy navigation and an arduous zoom-scroll-click process. Mobile-optimized Web sites are much preferred to traditional sites when browsing on smartphones. Google notes that 61 percent of users who have trouble on a brand site that is not optimized for mobile are unlikely to return.

If your business hasn’t optimized its site for mobile, you’re missing out on web traffic, also known as potential customers. As the world continues to go mobile, get on board with a mobile-optimized site.

Why Optimize?

Modern smartphones are certainly capable of navigating conventional Web sites, but it takes time and patience, two things most mobile users lack. Constant Contact reports that just 35 percent of small businesses have a mobile-optimized Web site. If you’re wondering whether a mobile-optimized Web site is worth the capital, consider this: the previously mentioned Google study also noted that 67 percent of users say they are more likely to buy a business’ product or service when they visit a mobile-friendly site. Mobile optimization isn’t just a tech-driven fad, it equates to more sales from a unique audience. As more web traffic goes mobile (digital agency WalkerSands reports that almost a quarter of all web traffic was mobile at the start of 2013), mobile optimization is more important than ever.

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Small businesses without robust IT departments worry about going mobile, but the transition might be easier than you think. That’s definitely the case if you partner with bMobilized, a NYC-based firm that coverts Web site into mobile-optimized Web sites free of charge. BMobilized’s algorithm turns your Web site into a clear, easy-to-read mobile site in about 30 seconds. The premium version of bMobilized costs $9 a month and will add plug-ins. BMobilized is the quick and easy way to get optimized, and small businesses that depend on their Web sites would be foolish to ignore it.


Technology Quotes That Invite Thought - "If your plans don't include mobile, your plans are not finished." - Wendy Clark, Coca-Cola


If your business Web site operates on a content management system (CMS) such as WordPress or Drupal, a mobile-optimized Web site could be just a few clicks away. WordPress offers a mobile pack complete with themes widgets and a mobile admin panel. If you’re not familiar with your admin panel, offers a summary of its functions and capabilities, including the server management and commercial details of your Web site. Search for mobile plugins in your CMS dashboard to see if a solution is right under your nose.

Design Tips

On smartphones, non-mobile Web sites are unreadable and difficult to navigate. Those are the main traits to keep in mind when designing a mobile Web site. Stick to large vertical buttons for navigation. They should be as tall as the thickness of a thumb, about an inch. All font should be easily readable from at least 12 inches away. If you’re using Georgia font, for example, stick to at least a 14 size for your mobile-optimized Web site. Because it’s displayed on such a small screen, the look of your mobile-optimized site isn’t as important as your conventional Web site. Carry over colors and themes as much as possible, but don’t sacrifice functionality.

Pro Tip

Almost all mobile users prefer mobile-optimized sites, but in some cases, users need to see the full Web site. On your mobile site, include a button that gives the option to view the desktop site.

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