Mobile marketing works but it’s often underestimated

mobile marketing smartphone sale

mobile marketing smartphone saleConsumers love and respond to the channel, but are under the impression that they don’t.

The use of mobile marketing is picking up at a tremendous rate and consumers are highly enthusiastic and responsive to many of its various forms, driving mcommerce and offline shopping overall, but they are also under the impression that they don’t like it.

Research has shown that smartphone and tablet users can’t get enough of this channel.

The latest AdReaction report has just been released by the Dynamic Logic and Firefly units of Millward Brown. It has indicated that a third of all smartphone and tablet users will take action on the mobile marketing to which they are exposed. Nearly half of them also say that they interact with at least one brand using that device, particularly when a recommendation is made by family and friends.

One in 3 device users say that mobile marketing promotions and deals improves their impression of a brand.

At the same time, as enthusiastic as they may seem, and as much as they may use the channel, only 11 percent of smartphone users claim to think of mobile marketing in a positive way. Similarly, only 16 percent of tablet users feel the same way. This seems to present a significant gap between the effectiveness of the channel, and the actual appeal it has to consumers.

The report sought to explain this discrepancy in mobile marketing. What it determined is that the smartphone and tablet are considered to be tools that provide a highly personal experience. Activities are typically goal directed, which means that they have a specific purpose for using the device.

Therefore, by making contact in a way that was not initiated by the user, the user is distracted from his or her goal. This is considered to be acceptable only if the distraction is deemed to have greater value for the time away from the goal seeking than being able to continue with whatever activity was previously being performed.

Moreover, some mobile marketing isn’t adequately targeted to them. Users expect to receive promotion sand offers that are geared specifically to their interests so that the content they view will matter to them. Unfortunately, all too many marketers have yet to effectively or appropriately target their ads.

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