Unilever and TikTok partner on mobile marketing campaign

Mobile marketing - partnership - cleaning supplies

The massive corporation and the video-based social network collaborated on the #CleanTok content series.

Unilever and TikTok have partnered to create and curate content together for the specific purpose of a mobile marketing campaign that will reach cleaning fans worldwide.

The #CleanTok campaign is a collaboration between Unilever, Mindshare, Gravity Road, and TikTok.

Together, the companies will be releasing a number of dedicated content for #CleanTok, as a part of a series including program activations. This mobile marketing campaign is expected to continue for 40 weeks.

Mobile marketing - cleaning - #cleantok

There will be a number of themes to the content, including Sunday Reset, which is creator generated. This content series demonstrates how different people take on their weekly housekeeping.

Similarly, the Cleaning Conundrum will place the spotlight on the best (and most entertaining) tricks and hacks to clean a home. The Festival of Cleaning will run for 6 weeks as an editorial content series. It will feature the top creator-generated content on the platform. Finally, the #CleanTok Awards will be a number of awards given in celebration and elevation of the most helpful, entertaining and engaging #CleanTok content creators worldwide.

A number of creators will be working with this mobile marketing campaign over the months.

To start, TikTok is collaborating with @HomewithAziza, @Cleaning_at83, and CleanPedia_UK. Moreover, TikTok also intends to launch the #CleanTok hub, which is an in-app hub that will welcome users to the campaign and provide all the cleaning content in a single location.

“There is a huge amount of emotion attached to our homes,” said Unilever Home Care Chief Marketing Officer Eduardo Campanella in a recent statement about the launch of the campaign. “So, while cleaning products have been traditionally seen as functional, and the act of cleaning as a chore, the results that come from using the right products in the right way can bring a huge amount of satisfaction and peace.”

The partnership’s content will offer content at the #CleanTok hub to users in the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands, Turkey, Brazil, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Indonesia and Argentina. That said, the mobile marketing campaign experience will be available to TikTok users worldwide following the hashtag.

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