This common mobile marketing technique gets 75 percent of consumers to buy

Mobile marketing data - 75 percent purchase

A new survey has found that this simple form of advertising is driving shoppers to purchase.

According to the newly released results of an annual Consumer Insights survey conducted by Vibes, 75 percent of consumers say that receiving text mobile marketing message advertisements regularly drives shoppers to make a purchase from brands.

Among the survey respondents, 54 percent said they had made a purchase based on a digital wallet offer.

The survey involved the participation of more than 1,000 consumers who regularly use their smartphones and other mobile devices to complete day-to-day activities. The goal of the annual survey is to better understand the current relationship between those individuals and their devices, how that relationship has changed over time, their preferences for brand interactions through their devices, and how such interactions boost or harm the inclination to buy.

Mobile marketing - Person looking at phone holding shopping bags - data

Among the central findings of the most recent survey was that the adoption of SMS mobile marketing was essentially ubiquitous among both brands and shoppers. Furthermore, 75 percent of those consumers said that receiving a text message from a brand regularly drove them to buy.

In retail brand interactions, this could involve a purchase made online right away, or a visit to a store in person. Similarly, among quick-serve restaurants, a common use could be to provide a consumer with a in-store discount or a coupon that could be used when a purchase was made with a mobile wallet.

Almost 60 percent of the respondents had acted on mobile marketing involving a digital loyalty card.

The survey found that 54 percent of respondents had bought something based on a mobile wallet offer a brand had sent them. Another 60 percent had used a loyalty card stored in a mobile wallet when making an online or offline purchase from a brand. This helps to show that digital wallets are broadening in use and influence, as it wasn’t long ago that they were seen exclusively as storage for credit cards. Now, this also includes loyalty cards, gift cards, event tickets, coupons and offers, among other things.

That said, it is the rapid adoption and increasing impact of SMS mobile marketing that has opened new doors for brands seeking to make an impact both in-store and online.

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